March 23, 2015

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The intention is to bring forth numerous subjects not spoken of in most everyday conversations yet have a great and lasting effect upon all of us. I am of the opinion (and hope) most people feel there is something “not quite right” about today’s society. People appear to be struggling through life in a perpetual gerbil wheel and have become accustom to their suffering. This site will provide short Posts and numerous links to information which will help explain the causal factors along with WHY and HOW this is happening. Most links will have solutions along with the explanations. The important thing is to become educated in what is happening so that one has the ability to make educated decisions in everyday life. We can use the game of checkers as an analogy. While trying to teach someone who has no knowledge of the game, rules or concept, the instructor can win every game and certainly could take advantage of the student’s lack of knowledge. As the student begins to grasp the concept, they begin to block the instructor’s moves and eventually develop their own strategies as well as self-confidence. As things stand now, most don’t even realize they are involved in the game being played, and it is all by design. It’s time for a change. As put by Michael Tsarion: A great deal of normal, open minded people are getting sick of hearing utter, utter, crap- totally illogical, irrational, and the completely meaningless garbage they are presented with every day. This is not exclusively from the media, but also from those they choose to surround themselves with. They may not yet know what is right, but they certainly know what doesn’t make sense….these are the people that are beginning to see.

This is a solitary path that one needs to experience. It may come with a huge urge to share; it may bring feelings of anger, superiority or even isolation. It has been suggested that each of these, should they occur, be worked through thoroughly until no longer felt.

It has been said: Once you begin, you will be lead down the path which is correct for you.

“There are only two mistakes one can make on the path to truth: Not starting and not going all the way”   Buddha

“The highest form of arrogance is condemnation before investigation” Albert Einstein


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