Obamacare #22

July 25, 2015

Obamacare      #22



The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or colloquially Obamacare, a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010 has never made sense to me.

How can you possibly make a system “affordable” without changing the system? If you are providing the same services, with the same people, dispensing the same drugs and methodology, and using the same insurance companies, nothing changes. It becomes a shell game of terminology, smoke and mirrors.

After listening to Eustace Mullins (Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan) from 1994, it all makes sense. Mr. Mullins explains who, what, where, why, and how this system was dreamt up and why it was rejected at at the time.

Since the mid-nineties they have shuffled the necessary people into choice positions, including the Supreme Court, to get this cartel in place. For the most part, other than the name, the plan is the same as it was then.

Please take an hour of your time to become enlightened on this subject which affects us all.

Eustace Mullins; Hilary Clinton’s healthcare plan: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6xsFcgHxIY

Cancer #20

June 27, 2015



CANCER         #20

The intent of this post is to provide information which has been collected and compiled for easy access. There are a great many resources out there should this intrigue the reader.

The truth regarding cancer is frankly contrary to everything that we as a public have been told and taught since 1904. To put this in perspective; my great grandparents (and I have grandchildren) were convinced to believe propaganda as truth, thus presenting the information to subsequent generations as truth. We now have the ability to gather our own information and discern for ourselves what the real truth is. That being said, Arthur Schopenhauer stated; “Truth passes through three stages; First it is ridiculed, Second it is violently opposed, and Third it is accepted as being self-evident.” Should one be of the opinion there is no such thing as truth: that would place thee in the category of a solipsist, and shouldn’t waste their time reading any further. This information will be difficult for some to digest, and many will become angry as did I, BUT- knowing this information could open up many more options.

Cancer cells are present in everyone. They are actually part of the body’s defense mechanism. Cancer can only become active when the body becomes acidic (acidosis). The Human body is designed to function most efficiently with an ideal PH level of 7.36; statistics say that the average US citizen has a PH level between 5 and 6. Should the PH level approach 7.5 or higher, the cancer cells will begin to self-destruct and be naturally removed by the body as it heals itself. Sounds too simple to be true, yet it is, and it’s been a suppressed known fact for over a century.

Now, let us move on to getting angry. When we say “they wouldn’t do that” what we are really saying is: that action can’t be comprehended because “I wouldn’t do that.” The following few paragraphs may seem to go off subject but a foundation must be laid out to understand the “why” properly.

Many have seen the documentary series “the men who built America” a much censored version of the contributions a few men made to the formation of society today. I’ll use the term “elites” which will include: Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, JP Morgan, Harriman and a few others. Although many “specialized” in certain aspects of control, Rockefeller had his finances spread throughout all areas. He had already set up laboratories; gasoline was discovered from the waste of refining oil into kerosene and he was paying the best scientists of the time to discover more uses for his waste products. Harriman and Rockefeller set their minds on eugenics after Darwin’s misinterpreted writings. After twisting a few of Freud’s writings and hiring Edward Bernays, They were able to manipulate society in its entirety.

The “elites” took control of the school systems through the guise of philanthropy, to the point of editing all the history books. What they wanted “America” to know is what was taught, based upon the Prussian system of indoctrination and dismissing classical education. They then took it upon themselves to “reform” the medical practice in the same way. Rockefeller’s petroleum based by- products were being mass produced as chemical fertilizers, and “new” medical treatments known as drug therapy. The intent was to turn the food and medical practices into industries.

Knowing the effects of the chemicals being introduced into the population would acidify and deoxygenate a person, creating an environment for cancer to thrive, Rockefeller funded the American Cancer Society in 1913 with philanthropic fan-fare. It was a money machine; (Their) fertilizers were poisoning people through (their) foods that were being eaten and should you feel ill, you could go get (their) pills to mask the symptoms- after getting a prescription from a “trained”(their) doctor, or go to (their) hospital to the (their) surgeon. As cancer became more common, numerous cures were discovered and suppressed. You are not allowed to patent “natural” items, in other words, there is no money in it. Any “natural” cure was dismissed as “quackery” through propaganda and there was actually a media campaign to discredit all forms of healing other than those which were sanction by the “elites.” This included chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbal medicines. Quite a few of these institutions which provide cures have moved just south of the boarder, thriving for decades. There are several known procedures being done daily in other countries, with much, much higher success rates and for pennies on the dollar compared to the US scam. The elite have constructed a web of perpetual income by controlling every aspect from cause to demise. Think for a moment how far technology has progressed over the past 115 years. Planes made of wood are now supersonic jets, money gets spit out of a machine after inserting a plastic card, and the telegraph has evolved into cell phones. So why do we still have the same view of cancer presented to us as they did in the 50’s, which was the same as the 20’s? Once in a while a “feel good” story is released to keep “hope” alive and keep the contributions flowing in. For thirty years I’ve heard the commercials stating “we are close to finding a cure, and with your help….”

In 1900 there was a 1/20 chance of getting cancer; Today its 1/3.

Rockefeller’s laboratories, after a few changes of name, are known today as the FDA. His foundation also finances Monsanto, the world health organization, AMA, “big pharma”, and the Hospitals around the country. The Insurance companies are involved in the perpetual money wheel as well. The FDA, contrary to what most believe, is not for “the people’s” benefit. A quick search regarding fluoride and/or aspartame should prove this quickly. [As a side note, according to the FDA, it is permissible to water “ORGANIC” products with fluoride- and it’s ok to supply SOY & corn (which is in everything) genetically altered to grow in “round-up”]

Nobody likes being lied to, and the public has been lied to for generations. One of the worst things a person can ingest is high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup. White potatoes, bleached flour and sugar create acidosis as well. (Table salt is hideous too; it scours the arteries- use sea salt)

One of the more recent forms of propaganda has been “The sun causes cancer”. This created a huge market for sunscreen and sunblock containing the same cancer causing ingredients found within most commercial deodorants. Truth: Sunlight is the source of vitamin D7 which activates the immune system and has the ability to normalize and correct cancer cells.

People, whom have witnessed current cancer treatments and related expenses, know it’s anything but humane. Cancer is a 50 Billion dollar a year industry and growing.

Please invest some time in the numerous links posted below, they provide a history & suggestions on preventing as well as curing cancer, through diet and other simple treatments. Discern for yourself what you believe to be true.



   Inquiring One You Tube Channel   :  see regarding Cancer                            

***** Cancer: The Forbidden Cures! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAMYAoiCSsI

Self Help Cancer: www.self-helpcancer.org/cancertreatment2a.htm

7 natural cures: www.naturalnews.com/048128_cancer_therapy_natural_cures_mainstream_medicine.html

Evolve to Ecology: www.evolvetoecology.com/#/plant-medicine-cancer-cures/4551744262

Who Ordained Orthodox Medicine and where did it come from? http://ponderingconfusion.com/papers.php?id=orthodoxmed

FOLLOW THE MONEY – ENVIRONMENT:   http://www.thrivemovement.com/follow-money-environment

John D. Rockefeller’s American Cancer Society Never Meant to ‘CURE’ Cancer: http://naturalsociety.com/john-d-rockefeller-founded-american-cancer-society-1913-never-meant-cure-cancer/

The forbidden cure for almost everything (beginning at 1:45 the technical explanation is explained): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AacqQB9zzLk

You can beat cancer naturally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UY1Srmf2fg

Sun Exposure and Vitamin D Can Help Protect Against Cancer: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/01/28/research-from-100-countries-proves-vitamin-d-protects-against-cancer.aspx

Vitamin D and cancer: http://www.canceractive.com/cancer-active-page-link.aspx?n=509

Americas Holocaust #19

June 20, 2015

America’s Holocaust     #19                                                                 6/20/15

Over the years, searching for the truth behind subjects, realizations have been bothersome at times- but nothing has created such a sickening feeling as “America’s Holocaust” Indians lived in a “matriarchal” society in harmony with nature, had everything they needed to be happy, content and more importantly, thankful. The similarities to what the “peacemaker” gave to the Iroquois confederacy, natural law and the ten commandments was found to be interesting.

Most “American’s” are told through sanitized schooling that Christopher Columbus (actual name: Cristoforo Colombo) discovered America, and we have a holiday to support this. The truth of the matter is Slavers discovered America and began taking Indians decades earlier to support the sugar industry. The African slave trade began here due to the lack of Indians and the high demand for cotton, but that’s another issue.

Columbus actually landed on Cuba and then went to Hatti / Dominican Republic where the Santa Maria ran aground. Seeing this, the indigenous people’s (Taino Indians) rescued the people and goods from the ship. Columbus was shocked to find a happy, peaceful people living in plenty and chose to reside amongst them for a time before returning to Spain. Eleven months later he returned with a military flotilla of 17 ships. He enslaved the Indians to mine for gold and within 6 years two thirds of the Indian population had died. Some deaths were due to the working conditions but a good number were from the woman committing suicide after killing their children, feeling that was more merciful than living as slaves.

May 1539, Conquistador Hernando De Soto landed near Tampa Bay in Florida. He and his Army of 600 and 200 support staff cut a swath of destruction to the Carolina’s and back down again. At each Indian village they were welcomed with open arms and respect; even after their motives were known, yet inevitably the villages were plundered and destroyed. They killed or enslaved the Indians as they went, depending on their mood. Many of the slaves were shipped to the Virgin Islands. De Soto had also brought the small pox virus which annihilated those Indians in the area who remained, taking with them their knowledge and customs dating back to at least 750 AD.

1607 Jamestown was established. The Indians, again welcomed them, becoming trading partners, and furnishing them with food and supplies to survive the first winter. As Jamestown became more populated it also became more arrogant and forceful, as the new residents’ desire to provide the world with tobacco required more and more land. This created problems and in 1609 a war began which lasted for four years. A truce and treaty was reached after the chief’s daughter Pocahontas was kidnapped.

December of 1620 the “pilgrims” arrived in Plymouth. The first winter reduced the 100 people to 50, and they saw no Indians nor could they find any. The following spring they were surprised to have an Indian wander into their town and say “welcome”. His name was Samoset He explained to the settler’s that they were living in a place known as Patuxet, and every Indian that had resided there had died from a disease brought 4 years ago by slavers. He had learned broken English from fishermen who frequented the coast. Samoset went to the closet tribe, the Wampanoag, who chief was named Massasoit. Here he found the one remaining ancestor of the village of Patuxet named Tisquantum, (Squanto) who had only survived because he had been taken by the slavers, was set free by English missionaries and returned as an interpreter. Squanto then taught the Pilgrims how to survive in the area. The Wampanoag and the pilgrims would live in peace for 40 years. After Massasoit’s death, Philip his son became the chief. He had been witnessing the deterioration of his tribes land, food supply, values, and heritage. Although they were surrounded by then by the white man’s towns and a good number of Indian’s actually worked for them now, he organized the revolt known as “King Philips war”

Each and every time the “white man” and Indians paths crossed, the Indians would welcome them with assistance and willingness to share the area in which they resided (the concept of land ownership was in contradiction to their understanding) and on each occurrence the Indians would be pushed further into a corner.

This issue became quiet contentious in the 1800’s when the US Government literally declared open season on the indigenous peoples following the discovery of gold. This was propagated through the propaganda used by the newspapers. Tribe after tribe was eradicated; those that survived were forced to live on the run and in fear or on a “reservation.” (To this day, each reservation has a prisoner of war camp number attached to it.) Every “treaty” ever signed by the US government has been broken. One Chief was shot while standing under both an American flag and white flag while wearing the medal of peace given to him by LINCOLN. Wounded Knee; the slaughter where a tribe was surrounded by the US cavalry which then opened fire on the men woman and children became all to frequent events of that time. Those Indians who were able to avoid the cavalry were dealt with by the eradication of the buffalo (whose numbers went from sixty million down to two hundred and fifty!) which they used for food, clothing, housing, and medicine. Germ warfare was used on captured Indian’s who had been placed on “reservations” by supplying blankets with the smallpox virus embedded within them.

By the late 1800’s the only “free” Indian’s were those whom had fled to Canada, but US government wasn’t through with those that remained here. It was decided at this time that Indian children as young as four, would be removed from their parents and placed in boarding schools. At these schools all students received the same haircuts and clothing, and were indoctrinated into what the “white man” thought they should be. This also stripped them of their language, traditions, and destroyed the culture. (Rockefeller took notice of how well this worked and began his public school system to indoctrinate the US population in its entirety) Upon completion of these schools, the Indian children couldn’t communicate with their parents, didn’t fit in with the tribe, or the whites, and the culture was essentially crushed.

Hitler has written he based his concentration camps on the US Government’s “reservation” model.

The framers of the US constitution, by suggestion by Benjamin Franklin, based it upon the Gayanashagowa or the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois. (Iroquois Confederacy)

Throughout History this type of behavior has been taken against every matriarchal society once patriarchy began taking hold primarily through “Christianity”

If this subject stirs any interest, please watch the videos provided below. I can’t recommend Russell Means “welcome to the reservation” enough. My personal opinion is that it should be viewed by every high school senior prior to graduating along with Erica Goldson’s valedictorian speech.



Inquiring One You Tube

Columbus & the American Indian: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/dominicselwood/100283798/columbus-greed-slavery-and-genocide-what-really-happened-to-the-american-indians /

Were the American Indians the victims of genocide? http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/7302

Pearls of wisdom: Native American Indian Commandments, code of ethics and 7 philosophies http://www.sapphyr.net/natam/indian.htm

Russell Means: welcome to the reservation   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LA-S64QY3o&list=PLAYJ1WwgOpjYa-Rolev38KrHHZv2kRGg5

Erica Goldson’s valedictorian speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M4tdMsg3ts

500 nations: (hosted by Kevin Costner) This is an extremely in-depth, 4 disk, History of the plight and history of the American Indian. It is so in-depth that it is continuously removed / censored from you tube. At the time of this posting, all four disks are on the Inquiring One you tube page under “American Holocaust”  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwsgax52vUfNJt7QaiZacdg

Abuse Victim Cycle #17

May 31, 2015

Abuse victim cycle         # 17                                                                                   5/31/15


Truth be told, this subject is personal to me. I’ve lived through sexual abuse, mental abuse and substance abuse. Life now is not perfect, but every day is far better now than I had ever hoped for.

The majority of “treatment” today consists of logical suggestions from indoctrinated personal based on half-truths presented by people minimizing their issues. Symptoms are addressed through medications or more “sessions”. The causal factors are seldom looked into and without doing so; the issues can never be resolved.

Research into this subject led to a great deal of information on identifying personalities to avoid or “what to be on the lookout for,” as far as other’s behaviors. It took some digging to find information for those already affected. Most sources suggest working on the “shadow self”, basically working through the pain and uncomfortable feelings hidden within the sub-conscious mind, too mentally and physically break free of the victim cycle. Everyone seems to agree that the “just get over it” mentality, ignoring the situation or forgetting then suppressing – will result in more prolonged issues. In the case of suppression, it will inevitably lead to manifested illnesses, physical ailments and / or disease.

It has been said that most people would rather do anything else than to look at themselves. Without doing this action, living in denial, blaming others, minimizing, stuck in a subjective state of mind becomes the new normal. Life becomes a great illusion and habitual ways of acting and reacting develop as the personal essence disappears. The only “feelings” arise when one dwells on dissatisfactions: thinking about what we want or don’t have. Facing the issues hidden within the subconscious is the only way to recover the mind. This is a concept that is found within all the “mystery schools”- in other words it has been known since the beginning of time, yet few are aware of this. Freud and Jung both studied the ancient knowledge and today’s psychology is a censored version of their works (which were intentionally skewed) and other’s.

It is slowly being learned that most of today’s society is dealing with parental abandonment trauma. We have been taught to associate “abandonment” with physical presence being absent, but the truth is that it encompasses far more. More damage seems to occur when the parent is physically present, but not mentally. As a simple example; think of a time when during a conversation the person you were speaking to abruptly began talking with another, answered a phone call, began texting or some other action. The conscious mind feels abandonment which the subconscious takes in and creates an association and a block. Although you may present externally “it doesn’t bother me” it festers within. Take that feeling and multiply it several fold over many days, weeks or years. Eventually the point comes when avoiding conversations will be chosen over the chance of feeling unimportant. This occurs with not only the two involved, but can also encompass one who witnesses the action- and is similar with all “types” under the umbrella term of abuse. The experiencer or experiencers then according to the abuse- victim cycle will identify with either the abuser or victim perpetuating the cycle. In other words they decide that they never want to experience abuse again so they will become the aggressor, or they realize that the behavior is morally wrong and choose to absorb the abuse in hopes of keeping others from being targets. In both cases denial and willful ignorance overcomes the individual.

There is a narrow path in the middle where help can be received by obtaining knowledge of the situation and causal factors, willpower, and care of self. Mark Passio gives a pretty good breakdown on his podcast 147 beginning 34 minutes in.


The video series by Melanie Tonia Evans “Narcissistic Abuse- How it occurs & How to Overcome it” is the best presentation I’ve seen that deals with the causal factors within one’s mind and solutions to break the cycle.

Ms. Evans explains: 1. that the victim is dealing with emotional trauma, making logical solutions ineffective; 2. How the neurons of the brain become addicted to negative peptides which keeps one in a cycle of rehashing the situation;  3. The fact that most people are led to believe that talking about the pain, going over the pain and receiving some logical solutions as to “what to do” will help.

It will not

She details that all this does is create more thoughts, leading to more peptide manufacturing and more hardwiring of the cyclical addiction to the action. This can happen for years, literally driving one crazy- unless dealt with.

In the third part of her series, she presents her solution to begin the healing process to bring closure to the entire situation. I highly recommend taking the time to watch this video series.



LINKS:              Inquiring One Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwsgax52vUfNJt7QaiZacdg

Melanie Tonia Evans (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg7DtfY8BCk&list=PLeoxHYnKu6R7YdWwyRqhz1bmUU5t_tBbB

Carl Jung:   The self; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAPyRryK1HY

Shadow Projection; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMHqqXYaB8g

Man and his symbols; www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIz5P3zketE&list=PL_oVZUIMhZs3jiWKfiqdCZMSYAUnY2igq

Michael Tsarion: The selfhood path; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny6VyTMaekI

Psychic Vampirism; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyNQvkjaNQY&list=PLiW0X33OHW6PmcFgMZYiYe3E4zKC0U65v

The self, outsider and guilt complex;   www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0HYrxCf8NY

The Narcissist: Psychology of Demons; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-HLNJUWRw8

Humanity’s Hardcore Intervention with Mark Passio — Abuse-Victim Cycle Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4XG9x5EFLw&list=PLABSIjCHNIaUwaSGPM0mwctJ1bSre82so&index=2                                                         Mark Passio # 147 (34 min in) www.whatonearthishappening.com (under the podcast tab.)

Trauma, Abuse, Victims, Suffering and Psychopathy by Kris Nelson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eCjw6dhjiA

Neuroscientist Carl Hart; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzupwJDje_4

“Us” vs “Them” Mentality #15

April 26, 2015

“Us” vs “them” mentality   #15


WHY? Why is society today compelled to have this attitude? It is involved in every aspect of our lives; rich vs poor, ethnicity vs ethnicity, political party vs political party, smart vs not so much, jocks vs stoners, religious beliefs vs religious beliefs, countries vs countries, sports, etc…..why? What is the purpose of it all?

The simple answer is to keep us distracted and divided.

Growing up in a suburb of Boston, I went to school with kids of another race that were “bused” in. After contemplating the memories, I can say I had no problem with the kids, became friends with a few, but thinking back on the forced situation….that’s another thing. Parents in town were confused and scared by ignorance. The kids being hauled out of their neighborhoods to ride a bus for hours a day were rightfully upset and at times “not so happy to be there” but how did that become the answer in the first place? Kid’s need to feel comfortable in their environment, it doesn’t take reading Freud to know this. If equal education is an issue, change the employees at the school. John Taylor Gatto has addressed his experiences in this exact situation. (Link below)

A Politician padding their ego will define it as “blending” or “desegregation.” In truth it is forcing people to do something they may not be interested in doing. Using town meetings; mass media etc. to fan the flames, they kept people distracted and divided. It was unnecessary.

All children are born brilliant. (Just give one a cell phone:) Their environmental experiences and public indoctrination conditions them differently. A child that feels loved and encouraged, being of any color of the spectrum will do better than most. This has become the issue in many households, not just single parent one’s. In many cases, a “parent” concentrates on being a financial supporter / provider, burns out, becomes frustrated and leaves the actual raising of the child to the TV or federally funded schools. This has been going on for a few generations now so the “parents” of today know not what is being done, they consider it normal. This concept was designed and orchestrated during the late 1800’s and continues today for the soul purpose of distracting and dividing the family.

Distracting and dividing can be found in the writing of History books as well. All history is recorded by the victors, beyond that in 1908 the Rockefeller foundation had the books rewritten and sanitized prior to supplying them to schools under the guise of philanthropy. Cases in point;   Most US citizens now believe that the civil war was fought to abolish slavery, and the stars and bars flag has racist connotations. The slavery issue had been addressed by the government prior to 1850, and had been declining rapidly with heightened human consciousness. This along with the female plantation owners, who were becoming aware of slightly lighter children being born to the darker women, was bringing it to a natural end. The reason for the civil war was based on the same issue as the American Revolution; the southern states were fed up with the government telling them what they could and couldn’t do. States were sovereign at that time, and the Industrial leaders of the north made a deal with Lincoln to institute a change to allow the federal government to rule the states. It was a power grab. Emancipation was introduced two years after the start of the war, prior to Sherman being unleashed to terrorize the southern states. The “stars and bars” was one of five flags of the Confederate States of America. Again, the story told is to distract and divide.

Let’s discuss “protect and serve”

Losing a loved one of any age or being exposed to violence and/or social injustice is a tragedy and uncalled for. There is a difference between force and violence and one should know the difference between the two. The following is taken from Mark Passio’s podcast #81

According to the mass media, white cops shoot minorities; at least that’s all we hear about. That itself should be a red flag and considered racist and sensationalism at best. “Law enforcement officials” of all races have conflicts with humans of all races on a daily basis, if they didn’t they wouldn’t have a job. The reporting is designed to constantly drive a wedge and fan the flames; Distract and divide.

There have been issues raised about “law enforcement” tactics; coercion, intimidation, harassment, etc. Some claim they are racist, “trigger happy” or on a power trip, others say society has gone nuts and a cop takes his life in his hands when he leaves for work each day. Becoming a police officer is a choice. Like teachers, most go into the field with good intentions (hopefully) yet soon find out that they are just order followers, and their particular principles are not relevant. They are there to follow orders, moral or immoral, just or unjust, logical or not, and soon become jaded. “I don’t make the laws, just enforce them” is a common response when a legitimate question is raised. There are several articles stating that police departments are rejecting candidates who have too high of an IQ. The fear being that those with a higher IQ will be less likely to conform. This is what “those that be” have determined is the right thing. Another concern is that numerous police forces prefer to higher those with a military background. This can have negative consequences. The military is trained; everything but their will to survive is removed and they are rebuilt to follow orders and REACT. If this isn’t done the lives of they and others will be at risk in a military situation. It is a necessary evil for the position. When discharged they are asked if they feel ok and given a number to call should they feel the need, very little attention is given to deprogramming, and asking for help is in contradiction to the training and has been stigmatized. Placing such an individual on a residential police force is asking a lot from this person. Should a high stress incident arise, possibly involving a weapon, they would have to override all the military training just to ascertain the situation. There are numerous reports every month, from all places on earth regarding situations regarding police vs the citizens. Distract and divide. These reports encompass the killing of a civilian to encroaching on freedom of speech. Stories of police coercion and intimidation are as prevalent now as cancer; every family knows someone that has gone through it. Guilty until proven innocent seems to be the new mantra. There are an extraordinary amount of cases in which people have had to pay thousands of dollars to prove their innocence. This is not right and breeds a distrustful relationship. The irony is that we pay their salaries.

Why are “WE,”as a country, always portrayed as the righteous, sane people, yet have been involved in military actions of one form or another since the inception of the country? The public is consistently being told that we were threatened or attacked first, yet research into this will provide evidence that most began due to false flag incidents and all have led to a sacrifice of freedoms. Distract and divide

Distract and divide, keep the citizens worried about paying their bills, speeding tickets, warrantless entries, taxes, so they will just shut down and become compliant, “free” automatized robots, better described as Zombies. No life and programmed to not realize it.

It would appear that society needs to take a deep breath and reprioritize what is important. Pitting people against one another in an overly materialistic atmosphere is doing nothing positive. Think honestly for a few moment how much of my life is based on fear? Better yet, take a half hour or carry a notebook and scribble down items as the thoughts arise. It’s amazing what the results will be. As the items are reviewed later the question Why? will most certainly be asked. [Distract and divide (your mind)] Once these fears are acknowledged, addressed, dealt with and dismissed, life will become far less stressful. Add meditation to balance the right and left sides of the brain & life may just become rational and peaceful. If nothing else, stop seeking guidance from the misguided- look within and trust your essence and intuition.

Please contemplate this and do your own research regarding the subject. Above all engage friends and family with it. As a society we need to address this and realize (see with real eyes) what is being done.


Cops IQ:   www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=candidates+rejected+for+having+high+IQ

Is America still racially divided?    http://www.cheatsheet.com/politics/where-is-america-today-on-racial-inequality.html/?a=viewall

John T Gatto: www.youtube.com/results?search_query=John+taylor+Gatto

John T Gatto: The purpose of schooling   www.youtube.com/results?search_query=john+taylor+gatto+-+the+purpose+of+schooling+

John T Gatto: The ultimate history lesson   www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQiW_l848t8&list=PL463AA90FD04EC7A2

Mark Passio: What on earth is happening, podcast # 81.

non support of dominators- podcasts #’s  102-114   www.whatonearthishappening.com


Michael Tsarion: The war on consciousness   www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ3zhuLhVLw

Excellent (partial) interview- a plethora of information!

Michael Tsarion: War of the Gods   www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gd1KOgHu60

Michael Tsarion: Good cop, bad cop (16 min) www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_lNgoGDzFM

Possible solutions; Michael Tellinger:   www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcD1h9DYitg

Solutions / Healing

April 11, 2015

Solutions / Healing   #13


Trying to stay or get healthy, mentally and physically, in an unhealthy world can feel like a monumental chore. Society’s conventional thinking is to label and discard any concepts that aren’t brought forth through advertising or propaganda. Knowing one’s thoughts and feelings differ from what the general population considers normal, witnessing others wander a path of illusion and suffering, can be frustrating and exhausting. This post will pass along suggestions and links that may help cope with this.

Learn how to learn & educate yourself with an OPEN mind. Develop the ability to discern fact from what one wants to believe; perceiving something as truth doesn’t make it so. (With that being stated, there is such thing as truth. Familiarizing one’s self with the laws of nature will supply a foundation for finding truth. A solipsist’s way of thought will hamper any progression.)   Previous posts have mentioned the hi-jacking of the education system which has affected all aspects of life. We are only taught specific, limited information and are expected to repeat it back. Common sense and critical thinking have been removed. Taking the time to learn how to learn will allow one to receive information from many sources, exploring both pro and con of a subject, with the ability to ascertain facts and come to the truth of the subject. This may help as many feel information passed along through phone calls, facebook and main stream media, qualifies as truth.

The internet as it stands now is a huge source of information, both good and bad. For hundreds of years, people have held what has been passed down from previous generations as truth, and in many instances, this is not the case. Things begin to make more sense when the realizations that; “living in the present” is generally misinterpreted – Constantine (& others) had the bible condensed & edited – Rockefeller had the United States history sanitized in 1909.

Once the journey begins, a path will naturally unfold. I find Natural law, the mystery schools, psychology, and history interesting although my journey has gone places I’d have never anticipated.

Familiarize yourself with the actual meanings of words. Today’s society is littered with obfuscated terminology & deceptive language. This has created emotionally charged stigmas and confusion. Researching logical fallacies will aid in deciphering conversations.

Learn how your complex mind operates.

Shut off your television or discard it all together. This is a slow drip system of negative reinforcement and propaganda. Not only are the programs and advertisements a form of mind control, since 1969 people have known the electrical waves of the signal hypnotize you 30 seconds to a minute after turning it on, shutting down the left side brain. Most video games are far worse forms of corrupting and desensitizing the mind, and can become addictive to some.

Face and deal with the shadow self and extinguish the pseudo-self. This can be a tough thing to do, but is well worth the pain. (Carl Jung wrote, “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to stop from facing their souls”) Many needlessly expel a great deal of energy every day trying to maintain a persona, literally driving them crazy. Dealing with the shadow self will result in higher levels of consciousness which in turn will deflate the ego, opening many doors for positive growth. Defining and conquering causal factors instead of trying to overcome the plethora of symptoms is the goal.

Be accountable and hold others accountable for their actions. Actions have consequences. Political correctness and the “new age” movement have turned “I’m sorry & that’s okay” into casual phrases without meaning. Living an honest open life is far more positive and gratifying.

Journaling daily will help identify patterns. Knowing patterns will help to avoid causal factors of issues / behaviors.

Research meditation: Find a method that feels correct, not sounds correct. Meditation needs to be felt. Try different methods until one “fits.” Including mantras will help decalcify the chakras by the vibratory tones, opening the path for Kundalini energy to flow.

Diet can be a huge contributor to a person’s health and attitude. Today’s “food” is filled with numerous chemicals which calcify the chakras and retard the brain. So called “organic” food can be watered with fluoride according to government standards. Planting a garden of any size is not only going to provide nutritious food, it will provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Juicing is also highly recommended.




Thomas Sheridan: Painting yourself out of a corner: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRnlzpojRjg

Article: http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/6-things-you-must-do-today-to-stay-sane-in-an-insane-world/

Dylan Charles: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/04/22/10-strategies-keeping-sanity-insane-world/

Dangers of TV:    Krugman 1969:     http://truthstreammedia.com/tv-your-mind-controlled/




Ultimate History lesson with John Gatto: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQiW_l848t8&list=PL463AA90FD04EC7A2

Trivium Education: www.triviumeducation.com

28 videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ_X1SjmA5A&list=PLQC2LwLTqsMzBBXb-yyCOc5iyUifsm06P

History of the Bible: http://www.rense.com/general66/hide.htm

Michael Tsarion: Shadow self,   www.youtube.com/watch?v=OapKRADeREQ (7 min)

Logical fallacies hand list: https://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/fallacies_list.html


April 4, 2015

Psychic Vampirism   #12

Preface: The information contained in this post was acquired through the supporting links at the end of this post along with other resources. It has been compiled as a source of researchable information only, and NOT as a diagnostic tool. As with everything else, an opinion can only be formed after doing one’s due diligence regarding this subject.

It’s difficult to ascertain which came first, the proverbial vampire or the psychic vampire. The similarities are certainly obvious: One feeds off your life blood, the other feeds off your prana. (Life energy) Vampirism has been traced back to the Indus valley to 3 millennia BC. (Be it for blood or prana, nobody is sure)

This was acknowledged years ago by Paracelsus (1493-1541): The following is taken from The Secret teachings of all ages written by Manly P Hall.

[Differing widely from the elementals and also the incubus and succubus is the vampire, which is defined by Paracelsus as the astral body of a person either living or dead. The vampire seeks to prolong existence upon the physical plane by robbing the living of their vital energies and misappropriating such energies to its own ends.

In his De Ente Spirituali Paracelsus writes thus of these malignant beings: “A healthy and pure person cannot become obsessed by them, because such Larvæ can only act upon men if the later make room for them in their minds. A healthy mind is a castle that cannot be invaded without the will of its master; but if they are allowed to enter, they excite the passions of men and women, they create cravings in them, they produce bad thoughts which act injuriously upon the brain; they sharpen the animal intellect and suffocate the moral sense. Evil spirits obsess only those human beings in whom the animal nature is predominating. Minds that are illuminated by the spirit of truth cannot be possessed; only those who are habitually guided by their own lower impulses may become subjected to their influences.” (See Paracelsus, by Franz Hartmann.)]

As with every subject, there are conflicting opinions. This post will carry forward explanations of the causal factors and subsequent effects of the action which were presented.

Human beings have a life source energy running through their bodies, which emanating from the body it is known as aura. Eastern philosophies concentrate on this far more than western societies. There are several documented cases of people who have harnessed this energies mystery and survived for great periods of time without food or water. Some believe this was the esoteric “mana” referenced in the bible and also how “the Buddha boy” survived his ten month meditation in 2005-06. This energy is something we share with each other; it can be felt as both a positive and negative force. The unwilling taking of this energy from others is known as psychic vampirism. Many people know someone who has a high positive energy, generally balanced and has the ability to genuinely “light up a room.” The flip side of this is feeling physically and mentally drained after being around someone or after a group event without a known reason. People whom have felt this generally excuse it as signs of a cold, a bad night’s sleep or similar.

“Unfortunately, the long-term consequences of recurring vampire assaults on the energy system can be extremely harmful, not only for the host victim but for the psychic vampire as well. Short-circuiting the internal energy system sabotages the psychic vampire’s personal development, thus arresting healthy development and making repeated vampire interactions necessary. The host victim’s energy system, on the other hand, becomes stressed by the depletion of energy and overworked in order to generate new energy. Given recurrent attacks, the victim’s energy supply can become chronically depleted and the internal energy system itself can become severely damaged.” (Joe Slate Ph.D.)

The psychic vampire is well aware of what they are doing. An ironic twist: many times they are the first to address by suggestion the negative effects, or the one to enter a room feigning high energy. They are well aware of the physical effects they have on people and suffer from either primary or secondary psychopathy (see post 11 for more info) thus, is quite proficient at using deflection and projection (aka transference) to avoid detection.

According to Joe Slate, there are three primary types. The first is one to one where the psychic vampire taps into and extracts from a single host. The second type is where they tap into and extract from a group. This is generally a group of “friends” with few things in common except they are all vulnerable. Sadly, support groups are a favorite target and easily manipulated. They will usually have several “groups” which they rotate through and will never mix. This makes it far easier to keep their separate personas and the victims “from comparing notes.” The third method mentioned is known as parasitic. This begins within the person via phobias, insecurities, inferiority complexes, etc., and leads to the development of vampiristic needs. The person becomes consumed with these nagging negative feelings thus depleting their own energy. Left unaddressed, the person finds that they will feel better only when being around others. Consciously or not, they are surviving off the energy of others. That being said, psychic vampires are people who rarely spend time alone, they literally can’t live with themselves.

Michael Tsarion classifies three types as well: Neurotic, Narcissistic, and Sociopathic or Psychopathic. His highly detailed presentation, psychic vampirism is very much recommended and well worth the time.

Physic vampires see the world differently than normal people. People assume that when they love, care, and empathize with another in a relationship it will be reciprocal. This is not the case with a vampiristic person. They will purposely inflate your ego, just enough to hook you. They are prone to envy, not jealousy. Should they see someone happy that they don’t feel should be, they will do anything in their power to destroy that. These beings run off the base chakra’s and drain from other’s higher chakra system. It should also be noted that not only do they remove their victim’s energy but also replace it with their negative energy. You essentially become their dumpster which does damage to the victim as well.

As with everything else, building your knowledge base is most important. Discern for yourself what you feel to be true and take the appropriate actions to protect yourself.



Michael Tsarion:   psychic vampirism www.youtube.com/watch?v=st3iBRHPzGI

Michael Tsarion, Psychic vampirism interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMP2jSjORiM


Joe Slate on Red ice radio, psychic vampirism: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRpG8o4W9HQ&list=PL55D39E250286F6E6

Joe Slate article: www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/513

Manna: http://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Manna

Life force energy explained: http://www.expressionsofspirit.com/yoga/chakras.htm

Buddha boy documentary: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtpzmsqxN2g


The following are the links from post 11 and are also relevant:

Psychopathy links:

Mark Passio www.whatoneathishappening.com     podcast # 133




Vinny Eastwood :

Psychopath roundtable discussion: www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1878aerllI

Interview with Thomas Sheridan, Protecting yourself from a psychopath: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PIz1Mm6ur8

Interview with Chris Duane: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzb6ED3Fl_g

John Lash & Chris Sheridan; Handling psychopaths – Human predators

Part 1   www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-LIwwmMeoU

Part 2   www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmuBBh0x6M4

Thomas Sheridan:

Labyrinth of the psychopath: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tro2U-cezqo&list=PLBAF0AFC457D5493E

Support group & information   www.psychopathfree.com

His book “Puzzling People: The labyrinth of the psychopath” http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_9?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=puzzling+people&sprefix=Puzzling+%2Caps%2C282


Michael Cross: http://michaelcross.net/


Occupations of a psychopath: www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=occupations%20of%20psychopaths

PSYCHOPATHY – primary & secondary #11

March 27, 2015

Psychopathy – Primary & Secondary     #11

Preface:   The information contained in this post was acquired through the supporting links at the end of this post along with other resources. It has been compiled as a source of researchable information only, and NOT as a diagnostic tool. As with everything else, an opinion can only be formed after doing one’s due diligence regarding this subject.

Most people’s perception of psychopathy is tainted through Hollywood or main stream media’s exaggerated broadcasts. There are conflicting “professional” ideologies regarding psychopathy. One group feels it is a non-existent issue, some feel it is a made up disease of our time, and then the one to be addressed, states there are two separate conditions under the heading of psychopathy.

First is the primary psychopath. This is a generic condition which effects .5 – 1% of the population. (Some claim up to 4%) This being such a small number, it has largely been ignored as a condition by the mental health field. This strain is actually a brain deformity and the person cannot be rehabilitated. (Mythology- fables and nursery rhymes all contain them under various names. The Ancient Gnostic texts refer to them as Archons.) The second classification is secondary psychopathy. This condition can be described as a virus; it is a condition and is treatable, but as all viruses, it mutates as conditions change. Claims have been made that the term sociopath has been coined to camouflage or minimize the stigma related to the word psychopath. Many documents state that psychologists have had to meet with people having this condition for a year or more to reach a diagnosis. This is due to the subject’s unique abilities of persuasion and adamant denial.

Several sources state that the Bethany bloodline and their supporters are the main host for the generic strain, which could be another explanation why the condition being ignored and suppressed. While these conditions are beginning to be recognized, a propaganda campaign has also arisen to minimize or discard the subject. Behaviors of the psychopath are being celebrated in numerous movies, television shows, and video games. This has been done to desensitize and normalize the behavior, and it has worked well.

The primary and secondary psychopath is found in all facets of our society, and just because someone exhibits one or two behaviors, doesn’t classify them as a psychopath. These characteristics need to be part of a person’s being, not just their mood. Determining between the two is difficult as there is a need to know definitely if the person has always exhibited the behaviors, or if they have manifested over time. There are far more secondary psychopaths present in today’s world

***    People are under the erroneous assumption that others have the same moral and ethical beliefs which they have, and normally cannot comprehend otherwise. Statements such as “They wouldn’t do/ think that” should more realistically be stated “I wouldn’t do / think that” as it is used as a baseline for comparison of moral and ethical behavior. Just because one doesn’t personally believe in something, does not mean it won’t affect them. The ultimate example would be the innocent people dying in war zones due to others beliefs. The term collateral damage was developed expressly to describe this occurrence.


Primary psychopathy is genetic and cannot be overcome; they cannot and will not ever be able to feel empathy toward another. Secondary psychopathy is brought about by trauma, impressionism, up-bringing and a poison world view among other contributors. In both cases, the person infected is well aware they are different and quickly become adept at mimicking normal social behaviors, almost literally becoming a chameleon. Although they don’t have the ability to feel empathy, they are able to exhibit a limited version of sympathy. The brain is basically stuck in the R complex, which functions on base instincts and reaction. That being said, reproduction, (promiscuous sex or abundant flirtation) instant gratification (can’t see long term consequences), aggression or desertion (fight or flight) and tenacious protection of their young or first degree relatives are all documented behaviors. More characteristics include being highly skilled emotional manipulators, willfully ignorant and readily deny responsibility.

Although alerted by their intuition, people whom have encountered someone with this condition usually do not initially question the behavior due to the charismatic persona and dismiss it as odd or the person being an “individual.” The most notable “red flag” is their lack of consideration, used as an umbrella term to encompass the mindset. A second indicator will be that seldom do their actions coincide with their words.  (Should you experience an encounter, looking back you will see the signs and wonder how you could have ignored them all)

There are some things one can do to protect themselves from the effects of both primary and secondary psychopathy. The ancient Buddhists used satire as a defense as it broke the tension and “outed” the behavior in a light hearted method. A psychopath usually cannot comprehend satire. If they realize what has happened, their propensity for revenge is unimaginable. They are extremely patient and will never forget, sometimes taking years to retaliate, but they will. Today the most effective method is to become aware of the distinctive signs of a psychopath, thus avoiding them, or if involved already, completely breaking ties with that person. As mentioned earlier, denial is the main obstacle and has become instilled in a secondary psychopath. It is far easier for them to deny, blame, minimize, deflect or attack someone trying to address the situation than it is for them to admit it and “do the shadow work” to overcome their mindset.

According to the US medical journal, psychopaths will initially appear happy, smiling, charming, friendly, and benevolent, an overall nice person. This image will be protected at all costs as once their true nature is realized, the charade is over. Their conversations will be superficial in nature as they have no interest in anything other than the small distorted world they have created and call reality. They are most interested in speaking about themselves, seldom listen, (they wait to speak) and somehow steer any conversation toward themselves, their ego or pride. The details in their story are obfuscated. These people are known for finding humor in other’s pain, or immature comedy. They become extremely defensive when given constructive criticism or questioned in any way, unless they feel they’ll gain something by appearing gracious. There is always a hidden agenda. They have no issue creating a new conflict to deflect attention from them. This is usually done and dramatic fashion and under the guise of appearing “to help” or “to protect”. In time it is found that they have little depth to their personality and have few relationships of any length. Another distinguishing factor is the over accentuation of emotions. (Appear too happy, sad, angry, or benevolent.) Seldom are they on a level plane, this stated to be the result someone else’s actions. The lives of such people are chaotic as this adds to the dramatization of their conversations, and used as a manipulative tool (justification or excuse for behaviors) should the need arise.

They love an entourage and prefer to stand out in a group. They don’t necessarily need to be the leader, but there needs to be either a physical or attitudinal difference so they stand out. If one in the group questions their behavior they are ostracized behind their back and “blacklisted.” New “friends” appear regularly as others are discarded. Some may be “cycled;” “friends” who don’t understand, but know something isn’t right are left for a period of time given a myriad of excuses for the withdrawal. They will be drawn back in, usually due to a “dramatic” event.

Immoral or unethical behaviors are rationalized or justified. Moral and ethical behavior is considered constraining and those who hold these values are looked upon with contempt. Another behavior discussed is pathological lying and their black and white definition of the word lie. Deceptive speech, secrecy, fallacies, omissions, obscurity, is part of their everyday conversations. Their lack of empathy makes apologizing impossible. They may feign an insincere attempt or again, over compensate by being sorry for everything, trying to appear benevolent. If forced, their apologies will be something to the effect of “I’m sorry you feel that way”

Psychopaths are skilled at convincing others that they are needed, sometimes indispensable. Any threat to them will be removed, usually by means of ridicule. They are incapable of intimacy and are not interested in unity.

When a psychopath is done with their victim they will just discard them, walk away with without explanation. Usually they’ve achieved their goal, have found a new victim they feel will be of more benefit, or the victim has shown resistance. The victim will be left wondering what happened. This will be difficult to deal with if they were thought of as a friend, traumatic if they were a lover, as the victim comes to realize the relationship was a meaningless illusion. To maintain their persona, the psychopath will ridicule and blame the victim for the breakup, adding insult to injury.

This is a very important place for the victim, there are only two choices. One can accept that they have been psychologically used and abused and begin to heal, or become infected and trapped within. Becoming trapped within oneself will most likely lead to psychopathic behavior, seeking retribution, thus continuing the chain. This may sound like the proverbial vampire, and it is similar. There is a term / diagnosis referred to as “psychic vampirism” which will be addressed in the future.


Psychopathy links:

Mark Passio www.whatoneathishappening.com   podcast # 133




Vinny Eastwood :

Psychopath roundtable discussion: www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1878aerllI

Interview with Thomas Sheridan, Protecting yourself from a psychopath: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PIz1Mm6ur8

Interview with Chris Duane: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzb6ED3Fl_g

John Lash & Chris Sheridan; Handling psychopaths – Human predators

Part 1   www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-LIwwmMeoU

Part 2   www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmuBBh0x6M4

Chris Sheridan:

Support group & information   www.psychopathfree.com

Michael Cross: http://michaelcross.net/


Occupations of a psychopath: www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=occupations%20of%20psychopaths

Michael Tsarion: Psychic Vampirism, part 4 (15:40-37:00)     www.youtube.com/watch?v=10nKIx32Krs&index=4&list=PL7IaYwgyNHYxhyJ1e7taz-Q2muT_0bJrh


Conformity / Psychology #10

March 23, 2015

 Conformity / Psychology #10

Since Edward Bernays pioneered mind control of the general population more than a century ago, the majority of people feel insecure and inadequate, always chasing the dream, few ever content, being swarmed in distraction. (Bernays: http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/bernprop.html ) The idea is to train people to believe that happiness is achieved through material sources i.e. vast amounts of money, nice car, big house, trophy spouse, etcetera. We have become a materialistic nation and a generally unhappy one. We are also conditioned to live in a state of fear, achieved so well few realize it. Think about how many times a day you or a friend complains, about finances, taxes, “new” illnesses, the war on terrorism, relationships and so forth. This is all installed subconsciously through social media, music, and main stream media continuously to keep us off center. (http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/mind-control-theories-and-techniques-used-by-mass-media/ )

Believing it is an internal issue, some go to a psychologist or psychiatrist for help. This would be far more beneficial if the perceived professional didn’t obtain their training through the institutions funded by those who have been perpetrating the causal factors to begin with. Those in control have written the book to cause the problem, the book for the perceived answer man, and produce the medication prescribed if need be. (Numerous links below)

For many aware that this is occurring (or realize- see with their real-eyes) and speak out, become ostracized, called “conspiracy theorists” or diagnosed with “oppositional defiant disorder” aka: ODD. (Nonconformity and freethinking is now considered a mental illness: http://themindunleashed.org/2013/11/nonconformity-and-freethinking-now.html )

So how do we feel peaceful and content?

Shut off the TV and social media. It is a proven slow drip system of negativity on numerous levels. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/11-reasons-you-should-stop-watching-television-now.html

Look into esoteric teachings. The mystery schools of ancient times taught individuals how to educate oneself (www.triviumeducation.com ) as well as be in control of one’s own mind. (http://gnosticteachings.org /) This material has been available since the begining of mankind. All religions have this knowledge, yet over time it continues to be occulted from “normal people.” It has been used as a method of control. It should be noted that occulted information can and has been used for achieving dark (negative) and Light (positive) outcomes.

Buddhist teachings are a great place to start as they are less obscure than Christianity. An example of the esoteric teaching of Christianity’s “Noah” can be found here: http://gnosticteachings.org/faqs/scripture/3394-what-is-the-meaning-of-noah-and-the-ark.html

Balance the left and right side thinking of the brain.

Work on reopening the chakra system within your body.

Relieve the mind of “materialistic” thinking. Once one realizes that the next “new” item will not satisfy your feelings, the journey has begun

Simply stated, to obtain contentment, one needs to overcome their ego, and work to conquer the “shadow self” and align their thoughts, emotions and actions.(Removing cognitive dissonance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance ) (Carl Jung http://www.sofia.edu/about/history/transpersonal-pioneers-carl-jung/) (Michael Tsarion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OapKRADeREQ )

Raising one’s consciousness from focusing on the effects to realizing what the causal factors are will help too. Nobody can change what has happened, but acknowledging and/or accepting that certain behaviors continually produce similar results, can help control the future.

Occupational outlook http://www.bls.gov/ooh/life-physical-and-social-science/psychologists.htm

British Psychological Society http://www.bps.org.uk/what-we-do/bps/110-years-society/british-psychological-society-110-years-advancing-our-science

Conformity: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conformity

Social conformity: http://wps.prenhall.com/hss_aronson_socpsych_6/64/16428/4205685.cw/-/4205769/index.html

Michael Tsarion “the feminine” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO4wQPXzlf0

Manipulation of The People: The Rudiments of Propaganda John Smith—09/2003 (updated 09/05) http://www.energygrid.com/media/2003/09ap-manipulation.html

American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines: http://psychiatryonline.org/guidelines

Why I Am Not a Member of the American Psychological Association http://www.chalquist.com/apa.html

Rockefeller & Carnegie control:

How the Rulers Created Universities and Scholars http://www.hermes-press.com/rulered.htm

Rockefeller archives http://www.rockarch.org/collections/nonrockorgs/ssrc.php

Eugenics: http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/1796

Shadow self:


****** Great article: http://lonerwolf.com/shadow-self/

To vote or not to Vote #9

March 14, 2015


Earlier this week I heard an excerpt from Obama’s talk in Selma. The portioned played was “What is our excuse for not voting today?”   http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/obama-remarks-selma-anniversary

There is a great difference in the mindset of the founding fathers when writing the Declaration of Independence (1776), the constitution eleven years later, (which began defining limitations) and the situation we are currently experiencing. The first sentence of the Declaration contains: “and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them..” (Few today know what NATURAL LAW is or how it works: Mark Passio seminar: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIEemKcy-4E       Podcast #73 through #84 http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/podcast?start=100 )  A speech given by Bush sr. on September 11, 1990 stated: “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.’s founders.”

Now think of the “change” of the past twenty five years. Not only have we lost our Natural Law Rights, but few actually remain from those written within the constitution.

The following few examples outline why I will not be voting in another election.

  1. The two or three party system is essentially a Hegelian dialectic, giving the general public a sense that they have a “choice” in their future. Many past presidents and elected officials have let the public know this reality of this for years; it has been ignored for the most part.

Teddy Roosevelt and NYC mayor Hylan’s warnings: http://www.barrypopik.com/index.php/new_york_city/entry/the_real_menace_to_our_republic_is_the_invisible_government

Congressman Larry McDonald: http://www.sianews.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2253

Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter & several others: http://georgewashington2.blogspot.com/2009/03/with-one-word-bernanke-reveals-who.html

Michael Tsarion  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcw5YpeTd4I&list=PLD2STr-WGrSIpSQUmyz13PzGOG1ZfxoSi   (#3 @ 1 hour in, although I’d recommend the entire series)

  1. Supreme Court decision regarding “super pacs” has changed the “election” into an AUCTION. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/supreme-court-strikes-law-limiting-corporate-campaign-spending-citizens-united-case-reverses-1912-law-article-1.1102021
  2. Conflicting ideologies: Marijuana is a schedule1 drug, federally illegal, yet they collect taxes (mostly in cash because FDIC banks can’t deal in “drug money”) from medical dispensaries as well as other businesses and employees in states that have “legalized” it.

Tax money taken under the threat of violence (think hard about that) is being used for things such as:

War:    72 pages of listed military actions & only four have been on North American soil. The majority predicated by false flag events, yet statements are made that “we are defending” something when in fact we have always surrendered something as a citizen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Military_operations_involving_the_United_States

Bailouts of cooperate companies & banks    http://projects.propublica.org/bailout/list this item will raise a plethora of issues, Research “The Fed” or watch Jim Marrs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWHV1ImZqQ0   for more information.

Harp: ( http://www.viewzone.com/haarp00.html )

  1. Voting is used as a distraction every four years to have us feel that we have the opportunity to “change” the direction of the country. The fact of the matter is; If an exchange of face occurs, an extremely high percent of their cabinet is made up of people from “the council of foreign relations” So policies don’t change, only the face and rhetoric.                                                    (Jim Marrs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWHV1ImZqQ0   0:43:00-0:47:00)
  2. The options we are given are from frightening few bloodlines. For example in the 2004 election the two involved were cousins 9 times removed, along with being “brothers” in the skull in bones. The election of 2008 brought us a similar situation….. [Stanley Dunham is the grandfather of Barack Obama. Stanley and his wife Madelyn raised Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii. In addition to Obama, Stanley is related to six US presidents: James Madison, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush.] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_of_Barack_Obama                                                                    Check others: http://www.burkespeerage.com/

Living in a society which has become quite deceptive can be a frustrating endeavor. When asked why I no longer vote, the simple answer is “frankly it doesn’t matter.” If they appear open minded, I explain my position

Until more folks admit that the system is seriously flawed and we’ve been trained like mice to “obey,” things will remain the same or continue to degrade. The choice to participate as much or as little as possible is still available though. [THEY LIVE    (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy-2rQRNHZ8  ) is a great allegorical movie to watch if you can find it. It is constantly being removed from sites though.]

Definitions that have been obscured or completely perverted in society today:

Government:  a compound formed from the Ancient Greek κυβερνάω (kubernaō, “I steer, drive, guide, pilot”) and the Latin -mente, ablative singular of mēns (“mind”) Basically MIND CONTROL

Conspiracy:  Anyone who thinks holistically and who breathes together with others of like mind. http://exopermaculture.com/2012/04/10/con-spiracy-etymology-origin-1325-75-middle-english-latin-conspirare-to-act-in-harmony-conspire-equivalent-to-con-con-spirare-to-breathe-see-spirant-spirit/

Knowledge: Greek noun for Gnosis (in the nominative case γνῶσις f.). In Christian, Islamic, or Jewish mysticism, mystery religions and Gnosticism gnosis generally signifies a spiritual knowledge or “religion of knowledge”, in the sense of mystical enlightenment or “insight”.

Occult: late 15th century (as a verb): from Latin occultare ‘secrete,’ frequentative of occulere ‘conceal,’ based on celare ‘to hide’; the adjective and noun from occult- ‘covered over,’ from the verb occulere .

Declaration of Independence:


Constitution of the united states:  http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html

The constitution con: Michael Tsarion