Obamacare #22

July 25, 2015

Obamacare      #22



The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or colloquially Obamacare, a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010 has never made sense to me.

How can you possibly make a system “affordable” without changing the system? If you are providing the same services, with the same people, dispensing the same drugs and methodology, and using the same insurance companies, nothing changes. It becomes a shell game of terminology, smoke and mirrors.

After listening to Eustace Mullins (Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan) from 1994, it all makes sense. Mr. Mullins explains who, what, where, why, and how this system was dreamt up and why it was rejected at at the time.

Since the mid-nineties they have shuffled the necessary people into choice positions, including the Supreme Court, to get this cartel in place. For the most part, other than the name, the plan is the same as it was then.

Please take an hour of your time to become enlightened on this subject which affects us all.

Eustace Mullins; Hilary Clinton’s healthcare plan: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6xsFcgHxIY

Americas Holocaust #19

June 20, 2015

America’s Holocaust     #19                                                                 6/20/15

Over the years, searching for the truth behind subjects, realizations have been bothersome at times- but nothing has created such a sickening feeling as “America’s Holocaust” Indians lived in a “matriarchal” society in harmony with nature, had everything they needed to be happy, content and more importantly, thankful. The similarities to what the “peacemaker” gave to the Iroquois confederacy, natural law and the ten commandments was found to be interesting.

Most “American’s” are told through sanitized schooling that Christopher Columbus (actual name: Cristoforo Colombo) discovered America, and we have a holiday to support this. The truth of the matter is Slavers discovered America and began taking Indians decades earlier to support the sugar industry. The African slave trade began here due to the lack of Indians and the high demand for cotton, but that’s another issue.

Columbus actually landed on Cuba and then went to Hatti / Dominican Republic where the Santa Maria ran aground. Seeing this, the indigenous people’s (Taino Indians) rescued the people and goods from the ship. Columbus was shocked to find a happy, peaceful people living in plenty and chose to reside amongst them for a time before returning to Spain. Eleven months later he returned with a military flotilla of 17 ships. He enslaved the Indians to mine for gold and within 6 years two thirds of the Indian population had died. Some deaths were due to the working conditions but a good number were from the woman committing suicide after killing their children, feeling that was more merciful than living as slaves.

May 1539, Conquistador Hernando De Soto landed near Tampa Bay in Florida. He and his Army of 600 and 200 support staff cut a swath of destruction to the Carolina’s and back down again. At each Indian village they were welcomed with open arms and respect; even after their motives were known, yet inevitably the villages were plundered and destroyed. They killed or enslaved the Indians as they went, depending on their mood. Many of the slaves were shipped to the Virgin Islands. De Soto had also brought the small pox virus which annihilated those Indians in the area who remained, taking with them their knowledge and customs dating back to at least 750 AD.

1607 Jamestown was established. The Indians, again welcomed them, becoming trading partners, and furnishing them with food and supplies to survive the first winter. As Jamestown became more populated it also became more arrogant and forceful, as the new residents’ desire to provide the world with tobacco required more and more land. This created problems and in 1609 a war began which lasted for four years. A truce and treaty was reached after the chief’s daughter Pocahontas was kidnapped.

December of 1620 the “pilgrims” arrived in Plymouth. The first winter reduced the 100 people to 50, and they saw no Indians nor could they find any. The following spring they were surprised to have an Indian wander into their town and say “welcome”. His name was Samoset He explained to the settler’s that they were living in a place known as Patuxet, and every Indian that had resided there had died from a disease brought 4 years ago by slavers. He had learned broken English from fishermen who frequented the coast. Samoset went to the closet tribe, the Wampanoag, who chief was named Massasoit. Here he found the one remaining ancestor of the village of Patuxet named Tisquantum, (Squanto) who had only survived because he had been taken by the slavers, was set free by English missionaries and returned as an interpreter. Squanto then taught the Pilgrims how to survive in the area. The Wampanoag and the pilgrims would live in peace for 40 years. After Massasoit’s death, Philip his son became the chief. He had been witnessing the deterioration of his tribes land, food supply, values, and heritage. Although they were surrounded by then by the white man’s towns and a good number of Indian’s actually worked for them now, he organized the revolt known as “King Philips war”

Each and every time the “white man” and Indians paths crossed, the Indians would welcome them with assistance and willingness to share the area in which they resided (the concept of land ownership was in contradiction to their understanding) and on each occurrence the Indians would be pushed further into a corner.

This issue became quiet contentious in the 1800’s when the US Government literally declared open season on the indigenous peoples following the discovery of gold. This was propagated through the propaganda used by the newspapers. Tribe after tribe was eradicated; those that survived were forced to live on the run and in fear or on a “reservation.” (To this day, each reservation has a prisoner of war camp number attached to it.) Every “treaty” ever signed by the US government has been broken. One Chief was shot while standing under both an American flag and white flag while wearing the medal of peace given to him by LINCOLN. Wounded Knee; the slaughter where a tribe was surrounded by the US cavalry which then opened fire on the men woman and children became all to frequent events of that time. Those Indians who were able to avoid the cavalry were dealt with by the eradication of the buffalo (whose numbers went from sixty million down to two hundred and fifty!) which they used for food, clothing, housing, and medicine. Germ warfare was used on captured Indian’s who had been placed on “reservations” by supplying blankets with the smallpox virus embedded within them.

By the late 1800’s the only “free” Indian’s were those whom had fled to Canada, but US government wasn’t through with those that remained here. It was decided at this time that Indian children as young as four, would be removed from their parents and placed in boarding schools. At these schools all students received the same haircuts and clothing, and were indoctrinated into what the “white man” thought they should be. This also stripped them of their language, traditions, and destroyed the culture. (Rockefeller took notice of how well this worked and began his public school system to indoctrinate the US population in its entirety) Upon completion of these schools, the Indian children couldn’t communicate with their parents, didn’t fit in with the tribe, or the whites, and the culture was essentially crushed.

Hitler has written he based his concentration camps on the US Government’s “reservation” model.

The framers of the US constitution, by suggestion by Benjamin Franklin, based it upon the Gayanashagowa or the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois. (Iroquois Confederacy)

Throughout History this type of behavior has been taken against every matriarchal society once patriarchy began taking hold primarily through “Christianity”

If this subject stirs any interest, please watch the videos provided below. I can’t recommend Russell Means “welcome to the reservation” enough. My personal opinion is that it should be viewed by every high school senior prior to graduating along with Erica Goldson’s valedictorian speech.



Inquiring One You Tube

Columbus & the American Indian: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/dominicselwood/100283798/columbus-greed-slavery-and-genocide-what-really-happened-to-the-american-indians /

Were the American Indians the victims of genocide? http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/7302

Pearls of wisdom: Native American Indian Commandments, code of ethics and 7 philosophies http://www.sapphyr.net/natam/indian.htm

Russell Means: welcome to the reservation   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LA-S64QY3o&list=PLAYJ1WwgOpjYa-Rolev38KrHHZv2kRGg5

Erica Goldson’s valedictorian speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M4tdMsg3ts

500 nations: (hosted by Kevin Costner) This is an extremely in-depth, 4 disk, History of the plight and history of the American Indian. It is so in-depth that it is continuously removed / censored from you tube. At the time of this posting, all four disks are on the Inquiring One you tube page under “American Holocaust”  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwsgax52vUfNJt7QaiZacdg

Concerns #18 6/8/15

June 8, 2015

Concerns   #18                                                                                             6/8/15


After writing the “Us vs them” post, the feeling of being a hypocrite was festering, the need to do more was nagging to say the least. Shortly thereafter, an incident involving a young man I know well, created the desire to act a bit more intently. This post is a full length article which has been submitted to my state senator and two state representatives. Folks of a higher pay grade suggested sending it to the Governor and US Senators. This article has been condensed by half to submit to the local press as well. Following the creation of a sub-domain link to access both articles and references, (being somewhat computer illiterate, it will be done when the “computer guy” gets it done 🙂  a copy will be sent to those folks.

Updates will be posted if and when necessary. Feel free to share with those you know.

Those with similar stories, please send a brief note to: snafu@roadrunner.com


Complete Article                                                                                               5/15

Sometimes things just need to be addressed out loud, based in principle and truth, to hopefully create a proactive dialogue on how to go about deescalating a growing problem.

Far too often we are hearing about questionable police actions. That one sentence no doubt has already created an emotional reaction. My only request would be to read this as rationally as possible, do research on your own, and discern for yourself what is right. It should also be made clear that all officers are not acting questionably.

I spent my school years in Mass, graduating in 1984. Back then the police vehicles were painted with “peace officers- to serve and protect.” The officers for the most part mingled within the town, and used common sense judgement in their daily lives. Yes, it was a different time, but not really.

Thirty years after moving to a small town in NH, I sit writing an article after reading about, dealing with, and witnessing questionable police / DMV policy and actions.

The deadliest riots in this county due to the abuse of authority occurred in New York in July of 1863, followed by the Los Angeles riots of 1992. (For those of you who don’t now, LA was ignited by the acquittal of four officers in a taped beating of Rodney King). Shortly after, came the North Hollywood shootout, where the police claimed to be “out gunned,” resulting in surplus Military weapons and other paraphernalia being sold cheaply or acquired through grants to any police department, basically militarizing small town USA. (Let’s look at this for a moment. During a high speed pursuit which may put the general public at risk, officers back off and radio ahead and create a grid. When a FDIC insured bank gets robbed and shots are fired, it became a ¾ hour, multi block shootout with @1750 rounds reported shot and a justification for militarizing the police forces around the country- why?)

Fast forward to July 2009 when Henry Gates was arrested in Cambridge Ma, he was allegedly breaking into a house. It was proven to be his house, yet due to the emotional responses of both involved; the officer chose to arrest him for disorderly conduct. This concluded with the charges being dropped and a beer at the white house.

Stories of police coercion, deception, outright lying, intimidation, harassment and overstepping their “authority” are becoming so commonplace that it can be described as cancer: “If you haven’t dealt with it yourself, you know someone who has.” It’s become a silent epidemic. The Huffington Post reported on 3/16/15 that 176 civilians had been killed by police in just January and February of 2015.

Some claim cops are arrogant, racist, “trigger happy” or prone to bullying, others say society has gone nuts and a cop takes his life in his hands when he leaves for work each day. Bullying has been addressed in school systems, why not in general society?

Becoming a police officer is a choice. Like teachers, most go into the field with good intentions (hopefully) yet soon find out that they are just order followers, and their particular principles are not relevant. They are there to follow orders, moral or immoral, just or unjust, logical or not, and soon become jaded. “I don’t make the laws, just enforce them” is a common response when a legitimate question is raised. There are several articles stating that police departments are rejecting candidates who have too high of an IQ. The fear being that those with a higher IQ will be less likely to conform. This is what “those that be” have determined is the right thing for society and one in which a court actually agreed. Another contributing factor is that numerous police forces prefer to hire those with a military background. This can have negative consequences. The military is trained; everything but their will to survive is removed and they are rebuilt to follow orders and REACT. If this isn’t done the lives of they and others will be at risk in a military situation. It is a necessary evil for the position. If they had any rank they are unaccustomed to someone questioning their “orders.” When discharged they are asked if they feel ok and given a number to call should they feel the need, very little attention is given to deprogramming, asking for help has been stigmatized and in contradiction to the training. Placing such an individual on a residential police force is asking a lot from this person. Should a high stress incident arise, they must override the military training just to ascertain the situation, add a weapon and the results could turn deadly. There are numerous reports every month, from all places on earth regarding situations regarding police vs citizens. These reports encompass the killing of a civilian to encroaching on freedom of speech. Guilty until proven innocent seems to be the new mantra. There are an extraordinary amount of cases in which people have had to pay thousands of dollars to prove their innocence. Now add in the ironic fact that it is we that pay their salaries. This is NOT RIGHT and breeds a distrustful relationship and an “us vs them” mentality.

The driving force behind finally writing this article is an ongoing situation regarding a 28 year old young man that I know well. In mid-April he was driving home on his motorcycle @ 9 PM and was pulled over. According to the young man, he was told that he was pulled over because the corporal couldn’t read his stock license plate from fifty feet away. The police report which was written twice and modified twice (first of the four editions dated two weeks after the stop) stated he was pulled over for not signaling while passing a van taking a right turn. The officer smelled alcohol and started the sequence of events for that. Both parties agree that the officer was informed that this person had sustained a head injury, has a weak right side, speech impediment etc. There is a discrepancy on who initiated the exchange of this info. The young man was asked to take a breath test, and after four separate times blowing into the machine, the highest was .045 which was the only one documented in the report. After being placed in cuffs and while inside the cruiser, the cop suggested taking a blood test. The young man stated that up to this point he had done everything that he was asked, taken the breath test 4 times, did it politely, and would prefer to get along with the night as opposed to driving 45 minutes to the hospital and back. Four hours later he was allowed to call for a family member to pick him up. The cop took his license and handed him a 30 day paper receipt. The following day he had to pay to retrieve his motorcycle which was impounded. During the following week he retained a lawyer. Shortly thereafter began receiving mail from DMV stating they received a sworn statement from a “law enforcement officer” and his driving “privileges” would be suspended, which they were.

Now as objectively as I can be, after the questionable stop, I can understand the officer’s initial suspicion after smelling alcohol. Once being advised of the head injury, weak right side, speech impediment, and the breath machine reading .045 after four attempts, I don’t see why he continued to push. More disturbing and discouraging is the prosecutor continuing on with it. Possibly it’s time for a display of integrity by the department by simply stating “a mistake was made and has gotten out of hand, please accept our reimbursement for your expenses and your license back”, seems like not only the right thing, but the mature way to handle a mistake of this magnitude. Some may claim driving is a privilege not a right. This is true as far as the state is concerned, but the theory is based on the elite being the only folks able to afford to drive over a hundred years ago. According to the definition of privilege, driving is not that either. Living in an area where one needs to pack a lunch to pick up a pizza, it’s a necessity. (It should also be mentioned that if one’s license is revoked for ninety days, in reality it generally takes at least 6-9 months due to the bureaucratic hoops & requirements to have it re-activated.)

Thus far this has affected immediate members of his family as well as friends, who now have to drive him around; his job is in jeopardy, he awakes each day wondering if he’ll still have it tomorrow. The financial expenses incurred to date are in the thousands. It has affected his personal relationship and also that with his young daughter. His liberty to get around doing everyday things has been taken, not to mention the psychological damage to one whom already suffers from brain trauma. This all occurred just for driving home at a decent hour, legally sober on a Friday night, through Ossipee, NH. People hearing of this are in disbelief, although many have a similar story to counter with. Many derogatory words have been used in description of the police in general, which to me is bothersome. My initial statement after hearing this story was “it’s a good thing he is good natured; imagine what could have happened if the cop pulled over someone who had just got in a fight with their wife.” Had that happened and an altercation resulted, would we have heard the true story? My guess is probably not, and not at all unless it happened between folks of different skin types, the cop lost, or a death.

Should you disagree or think “that would never happen here in NH”, a quick search of the names: Bruce Mckay, Jeremy Charron, Les Lord, and Scott Phillips may help you believe.

Another concern is how this cop is able to be cop, judge, jury and executioner; draining a person mentally, financially, revoking his license, thus removing his liberty to pursue an income and freedom to move about on a daily basis; based on suspicion. The claim will inevitably arise that he “was just doing his job & The DMV is responsible for taking the license” To both I respond untrue. When one sets motions into action, they are responsible. Knowing what the end result will be and hiding behind a badge, disgraceful. This young man will be without a license for 45 days before going in front of a judge. This “sentence” prior to seeing a court, was based on opinion and disregard of the only objective assessor, the breath machine; Guilty and sentenced until proven innocent, for real; it’s not right or moral, nor is it an isolated incident in the “live free or die” state. Add to this the volume of people who have a negative perception of police after hearing of this situation. Two friends tell two friends etc., and in today’s world of social media, it’s easily over a thousand people. I don’t see that as good public relations. Regardless of how this turns out, I’m sure it won’t end with beers at the white house.

With this system and mentality why do people ask why things are happening the way they are?   Thomas Paine wrote “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right”

Until there is a change, incidents like Ferguson and Freddie Gray unfortunately will continue. I believe it is time to start treating all people as though they are people, with dignity, respect and a return to reciprocity and civility. The “us vs them” mentality is breeding discontent and distrust, making our society a sketchy place to be. ALL cops aren’t bad, nor are All people. The time has passed for ignoring this issue and accepting “that’s just the way it is”. It’s wrong, unjust and immoral.

Submitted with hope,




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Conformity / Psychology #10

March 23, 2015

 Conformity / Psychology #10

Since Edward Bernays pioneered mind control of the general population more than a century ago, the majority of people feel insecure and inadequate, always chasing the dream, few ever content, being swarmed in distraction. (Bernays: http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/bernprop.html ) The idea is to train people to believe that happiness is achieved through material sources i.e. vast amounts of money, nice car, big house, trophy spouse, etcetera. We have become a materialistic nation and a generally unhappy one. We are also conditioned to live in a state of fear, achieved so well few realize it. Think about how many times a day you or a friend complains, about finances, taxes, “new” illnesses, the war on terrorism, relationships and so forth. This is all installed subconsciously through social media, music, and main stream media continuously to keep us off center. (http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/mind-control-theories-and-techniques-used-by-mass-media/ )

Believing it is an internal issue, some go to a psychologist or psychiatrist for help. This would be far more beneficial if the perceived professional didn’t obtain their training through the institutions funded by those who have been perpetrating the causal factors to begin with. Those in control have written the book to cause the problem, the book for the perceived answer man, and produce the medication prescribed if need be. (Numerous links below)

For many aware that this is occurring (or realize- see with their real-eyes) and speak out, become ostracized, called “conspiracy theorists” or diagnosed with “oppositional defiant disorder” aka: ODD. (Nonconformity and freethinking is now considered a mental illness: http://themindunleashed.org/2013/11/nonconformity-and-freethinking-now.html )

So how do we feel peaceful and content?

Shut off the TV and social media. It is a proven slow drip system of negativity on numerous levels. http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/11-reasons-you-should-stop-watching-television-now.html

Look into esoteric teachings. The mystery schools of ancient times taught individuals how to educate oneself (www.triviumeducation.com ) as well as be in control of one’s own mind. (http://gnosticteachings.org /) This material has been available since the begining of mankind. All religions have this knowledge, yet over time it continues to be occulted from “normal people.” It has been used as a method of control. It should be noted that occulted information can and has been used for achieving dark (negative) and Light (positive) outcomes.

Buddhist teachings are a great place to start as they are less obscure than Christianity. An example of the esoteric teaching of Christianity’s “Noah” can be found here: http://gnosticteachings.org/faqs/scripture/3394-what-is-the-meaning-of-noah-and-the-ark.html

Balance the left and right side thinking of the brain.

Work on reopening the chakra system within your body.

Relieve the mind of “materialistic” thinking. Once one realizes that the next “new” item will not satisfy your feelings, the journey has begun

Simply stated, to obtain contentment, one needs to overcome their ego, and work to conquer the “shadow self” and align their thoughts, emotions and actions.(Removing cognitive dissonance http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance ) (Carl Jung http://www.sofia.edu/about/history/transpersonal-pioneers-carl-jung/) (Michael Tsarion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OapKRADeREQ )

Raising one’s consciousness from focusing on the effects to realizing what the causal factors are will help too. Nobody can change what has happened, but acknowledging and/or accepting that certain behaviors continually produce similar results, can help control the future.

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Medical Marijuana controversy #5

February 9, 2015

Am I reading it correctly? The city of (deleted) is trying to bring Marijuana facilities to the city? Why on earth would the people of (deleted) want this. There is no way the little bit of tax revenue is worth it. (Deleted) has a serious drug problem, let’s make it worse is the city’s solution.

I know some people would say what is the big deal, but it is perception. An image (deleted) needs to change and this will not help.


This is a prime example of how people have been conditioned into a state of fear by the use of propaganda, designed to lead the ill-informed into falsely educating the uninformed over generations. It would seem to me that if this area has a “drug” problem, the causal factors of such should be addressed. Are people trying to escape or fill a void and if so, why? Are people using street drugs because they need relief from a condition and haven’t insurance? Has the drug problem arisen from addictions spurred by over prescribed “legal “drugs? Who defines legal? Look into fluoride and what it actually is and what it has been used for since its inception. Then ask why it is added to the drinking water and as a fertilizer for “organic” produce.

This area has several government sanctioned major Drug Stores shelling out every conceivable chemical known at this time. Each comes with the promise of alleviating certain symptoms if you’d like to take the chance of also acquiring a host of side effects. Without spending a great deal of time, you can find that the “healthcare” system is a self –perpetuating money machine. The very few people which fund the hospitals also finance the pharmaceutical industry, education facilities, food production, insurance industry, petroleum and control the banking institutions. All are corporations meaning the focus is on the wallet, not people. Please don’t take my word for it, do your own inquiry.

Having a legal medical marijuana distribution center located in the area isn’t going to tip the scales much in either direction. Two (somewhat opposing) of the many articles written about the prohibition against Marijuana can be read at www.ozarkia.net/bill/pot/blunderof37.html and   www.skeptoid.com/episodes/4401 . There once was a time that Hemp was used for many, many items, including a fuel source for an internal combustion engine. It is also one of the many known & suppressed cures for cancer. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQwwGPiyW9M )

Should the city wish to change its image, maybe stop placing the fluoride (poison) in the drinking water and step up the snow removal?