January 20, 2015

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My intent is post on issues that I and (with any luck) others, find interesting and important in today’s society.

Should you have the same questions as I in regards to:

Why do we live in fear? (Terror, bills, money, etc.)

Why has the family become disposable?

What has happened to common sense?

Why do we work so much and never obtain “the dream”?

Why have we always been at war?

Why has the “news” become what it has?

Why do most suffer from ADD? (All Drama & Distraction)

These will addressed along with a plethora of other pertinent issues by attempting to the best of my ability, to pass along information and resources which I have found informational.

As stated by David Ike:           I am not here to get anyone to believe anything. The last thing this world needs is another bloke saying “I’ve got all the answers”   This is information. Take of it what you will & leave what doesn’t feel right. What you think of this is none of my business. This is your business and your reality- you have the right to make of it whatever you will. I’m not trying to persuade anyone, I’m just trying to say “Here is another way of looking at the world” The way you look at the world is completely your choice.

All truth passes through three stages:

First it is ridiculed

Second it is violently opposed

Third it is accepted as self-evident   (Arthur Schopenhauer)

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