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May 19, 2015

“Us” vs “them” mentality   #15


WHY? Why is society today compelled to have this attitude? It is involved in every aspect of our lives; rich vs poor, ethnicity vs ethnicity, political party vs political party, smart vs not so much, jocks vs stoners, religious beliefs vs religious beliefs, countries vs countries, sports, etc…..why? What is the purpose of it all?

The simple answer is to keep us distracted and divided.

Growing up in a suburb of Boston, I went to school with kids of another race that were “bused” in. After contemplating the memories, I can say I had no problem with the kids, became friends with a few, but thinking back on the forced situation….that’s another thing. Parents in town were confused and scared by ignorance. The kids being hauled out of their neighborhoods to ride a bus for hours a day were rightfully upset and at times “not so happy to be there” but how did that become the answer in the first place? Kid’s need to feel comfortable in their environment, it doesn’t take reading Freud to know this. If equal education is an issue, change the employees at the school. John Taylor Gatto has addressed his experiences in this exact situation. (Link below)

A Politician padding their ego will define it as “blending” or “desegregation.” In truth it is forcing people to do something they may not be interested in doing Using town meetings; mass media etc. to fan the flames, they kept people distracted and divided. It was unnecessary.

All children are born brilliant. (Just give one a cell phoneJ) Their environmental experiences and public indoctrination conditions them differently. A child that feels loved and encouraged, being of any color of the spectrum will do better than most. This has become the issue in many households, not just single parent one’s. In many cases, a “parent” concentrates on being a financial supporter / provider, burns out, becomes frustrated and leaves the actual raising of the child to the TV or federally funded schools. This has been going on for a few generations now so the “parents” of today know not what is being done, they consider it normal. This concept was designed and orchestrated during the late 1800’s and continues today for the soul purpose of distracting and dividing the family.

Distracting and dividing can be found in the writing of History books as well. All history is recorded by the victors, beyond that in 1908 the Rockefeller foundation had the books rewritten and sanitized prior to supplying them to schools under the guise of philanthropy. Cases in point;   Most US citizens now believe that the civil war was fought to abolish slavery, and the stars and bars flag has racist connotations. The slavery issue had been addressed by the government prior to 1850, and had been declining rapidly with heightened human consciousness. This along with the female plantation owners, who were becoming aware of slightly lighter children being born to the darker women, was bringing it to a natural end. The reason for the civil war was based on the same issue as the American Revolution; the southern states were fed up with the government telling them what they could and couldn’t do. States were sovereign at that time, and the Industrial leaders of the north made a deal with Lincoln to institute a change to allow the federal government to rule the states. It was a power grab. Emancipation was introduced two years after the start of the war, prior to Sherman being unleashed to terrorize the southern states. The “stars and bars” was one of five flags of the Confederate States of America. Again, the story told is to distract and divide.

Let’s discuss “protect and serve”

Losing a loved one of any age or being exposed to violence and/or social injustice is a tragedy and uncalled for. There is a difference between force and violence and one should know the difference between the two. (Mark Passio explains it well podcast #81)

According to the mass media, white cops shoot minorities; at least that’s all we hear about. That itself should be a red flag and considered racist and sensationalism at best. “Law enforcement officials” of all races have conflicts with humans of all races on a daily basis, if they didn’t they wouldn’t have a job. The reporting is designed to constantly drive a wedge and fan the flames; Distract and divide.

There have been issues raised about “law enforcement” tactics; coercion, intimidation, harassment, etc. Some claim they are racist, “trigger happy” or on a power trip, others say society has gone nuts and a cop takes his life in his hands when he leaves for work each day. Becoming a police officer is a choice. Like teachers, most go into the field with good intentions (hopefully) yet soon find out that they are just order followers, and their particular principles are not relevant. They are there to follow orders, moral or immoral, just or unjust, logical or not, and soon become jaded. “I don’t make the laws, just enforce them” is a common response when a legitimate question is raised. There are several articles stating that police departments are rejecting candidates who have too high of an IQ. The fear being that those with a higher IQ will be less likely to conform. This is what “those that be” have determined is the right thing. Another concern is that numerous police forces prefer to higher those with a military background. This can have negative consequences. The military is trained; everything but their will to survive is removed and they are rebuilt to follow orders and REACT. If this isn’t done the lives of they and others will be at risk in a military situation. It is a necessary evil for the position. When discharged they are asked if they feel ok and given a number to call should they feel the need, very little attention is given to deprogramming, and asking for help is in contradiction to the training and has been stigmatized. Placing such an individual on a residential police force is asking a lot from this person. Should a high stress incident arise, possibly involving a weapon, they would have to override all the military training just to ascertain the situation. There are numerous reports every month, from all places on earth regarding situations regarding police vs the citizens. Distract and divide. These reports encompass the killing of a civilian to encroaching on freedom of speech. Stories of police coercion and intimidation are as prevalent now as cancer; every family knows someone that has gone through it. Guilty until proven innocent seems to be the new mantra. There are an extraordinary amount of cases in which people have had to pay thousands of dollars to prove their innocence. This is not right and breeds a distrustful relationship. The irony is that we pay their salaries.

Why are “WE,”as a country, always portrayed as the righteous, sane people, yet have been involved in military actions of one form or another since the inception of the country? The public is consistently being told that we were threatened or attacked first, yet research into this will provide evidence that most began due to false flag incidents and all have led to a sacrifice of freedoms. Distract and divide

Distract and divide, keep the citizens worried about paying their bills, speeding tickets, warrantless entries, taxes, so they will just shut down and become compliant, “free” automatized robots, better described as Zombies. No life and programmed to not realize it.

It would appear that society needs to take a deep breath and reprioritize what is important. Pitting people against one another in an overly materialistic atmosphere is doing nothing positive. Think honestly for a few moment how much of my life is based on fear? Better yet, take a half hour or carry a notebook and scribble down items as the thoughts arise. It’s amazing what the results will be. As the items are reviewed later the question Why? will most certainly be asked. [Distract and divide (your mind)] Once these fears are acknowledged, addressed, dealt with and dismissed, life will become far less stressful. Add meditation to balance the right and left sides of the brain & life may just become rational and peaceful. If nothing else, stop seeking guidance from the misguided- look within and trust your essence and intuition.

Please contemplate this and do your own research regarding the subject. Above all engage friends and family with it. As a society we need to address this and realize (see with real eyes) what is being done.


Cops IQ:   www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=candidates+rejected+for+having+high+IQ

Is America still racially divided?    http://www.cheatsheet.com/politics/where-is-america-today-on-racial-inequality.html/?a=viewall

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Mark Passio: What on earth is happening, podcast # 81.   www.whatonearthishappening.com

Michael Tsarion: The war on consciousness   www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ3zhuLhVLw

Excellent (partial) interview- a plethora of information!

Michael Tsarion: War of the Gods   www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gd1KOgHu60

Michael Tsarion: Good cop, bad cop (16 min) www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_lNgoGDzFM

Possible solutions; Michael Tellinger:   www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcD1h9DYitg


Moral and ethical decline   #14

Researching this subject has been a lengthy and difficult task. Every subject has information both pro and con, but this one has opposing opinions from many angles. Some folk’s claim the country’s moral compass is deteriorating, others claim its part of human evolution. Blame has been placed on TV, main stream media, cable, cell phones, parents, schools, religion; just about anything and everything, or nothing.

It can’t be argued that the times have changed and the content viewed and heard has become far more explicit than years past. Obviously something has happened but what?   Watching “all in the family” “the Jefferson’s” “Gilligan’s Island”, etc. was definitely different than today’s shows. Those particular shows all had very high ratings & today those shows would be considered racist, were they or have people’s perceptions changed, and if so- why and how? How is it we laughed at a close minded man then, find it offensive now, and today many accept school age girls and some women dressing in ways some consider extremely promiscuous? Are we more accepting or desensitized, lost our sense of humor or just fear offending someone? In the same time frame we have been inundated with all kinds of “technological” advances. Have these helped us with our lives or added more forms of distraction and self-destruction?

Prior to each “new” item, there have been health warnings; Claims of radiation from electrical wires, cell phones, and microwaves. Video games and music videos have always been of high concern and years later it has been proven they cause numerous neurological issues. Pornography setting unrealistic fantasies in the subconscious mind has also been a contributing factor.

Over past generations we have been indoctrinated in believing that all forms of government and religion are there for our wellbeing, assuming those officials will do what is morally correct and set a good example for ourselves, children and country. Only a short investment in time researching this will prove disturbing at best. Although the front page and history books place them on pedestals, most have been proven to have little moral standing in regards to basic human rights & sexual promiscuity. A couple examples; an elected official of the highest office had sex with an intern, denied it under oath, and continued on with his term, how is this right? The country has been at war for fourteen years due to a false flag event, which was minimally investigated. (One official actually said it’s easy to get away with a crime, all you have to do is control the investigation) This has affected an unbelievable amount of human lives, both home and abroad, never mind the money spent and made over the event. (As a side note, I can’t comprehend how relatives of both these people are even allowed to participate in the next auction.) Religious leaders haven’t been much better; it took years for the Catholic church to acknowledge their issues regarding sex crimes.

The countries manufacturing jobs went overseas and the boarders have been opened, both for specific obscure agendas. The country has an enormous deficit, yet it bailed out all kinds of corporations that caused the financial meltdown- after the majority of “the people” said NO. We are mandated to have “health care” or be taxed. We have people afraid of law enforcement and law enforcement afraid of people These examples are a reminder of why most have a poison worldview- we are asked to look at our leaders as a moral compass and look what we’ve been given, for decades, even centuries.

So the question should be asked, WHY are we accepting this behavior? We are now somewhere around the fifth generation of indoctrination and mind control, so what should we expect? We were taught by our parents who were taught by theirs, they received poor information and misinformation, so where do we stand now? It would appear the ill-informed are teaching the un- informed. We also need to discern if this is because we are being led by media sources and those we consider “officials” or is the general population pushing the decline itself and the powers that be are following what “the people” want.

Many authors agree that most people aren’t moral beings. When asked almost everyone will tell you they are moral, but moments after contemplating the question they’ll say “well, maybe not”

Now nobody is a saint, we are just human, but the bar should be set a bit higher than it is. The one constant in the research was that the decline of moral values equals the loss of personal freedoms and has preceded the fall of every “empire.”

The consensus seems to be that this is due to the amount of constant negativity, distraction and fear we experience daily. True self esteem is at an all-time low. Our identities have been taken and we have become our occupation. We are conditioned from a young age to “want” and never be content, that is to say we are living in a materialistic, egotistical world. The mindset now appears to be: “we’ll be happy if we can just obtain (x).” Once (x) is obtained, we want something else, never satisfied or content, and this is effecting people of all ages. Humans have basically become robots, stimulus response beings living in a subjective state of mind, addicted to an erroneous belief system. Full of illusion and imagination, dwelling on dis satisfactions, constantly thinking about what we want or don’t have, always trying to be accepted, stuck in the consciousness level of a child. Think how habitual ways of thinking, acting and reacting have become day after day, year after year.

People have forgotten they are born with a core essence and intuition, an internal monitor of what is right and what is wrong- what we need opposed to what we want. Between the ages of 10-12 a base personality develops which has been formed by experiences, this overpowers our essence. From this point many develop a separate persona for different aspects of their lives, that is to say behaving differently at home, work, with one group, etc., becoming better actors than Hollywood could provide. If someone is trying to keep all this confusion going within, how can they possibly be living a moral life? They are living a perpetual lie and are in constant contradiction within themselves.

The solution is relatively simple, although difficult as it involves change and disciplined work. This knowledge and methodology has been known since the beginning of time, yet has been suppressed and used to control humans as puppets. As individuals we need to admit we are the cause for the majority of our own suffering. What we are doing isn’t working. Slowing down and reprioritizing life is a great place to start. Really sit down and think about what the principles in life should be. Accept that maybe one doesn’t KNOW everything. Possibly everything that has been taught was censored at best and self-education would be beneficial. Choose to cause no harm; at all, to anyone (physically, emotionally, mentally.) Find the essence within and allow it to come back. Personalities and personas are connected to the ego. Depending on the amount of damage, this may be overrun by the R- complex of the brain & will take some research and work to overcome; it can’t just be chanted away as some claim. One will need to choose for themselves if having a peaceful, content and moral life is worth the work involved. When thoughts, emotions, and actions become united within and an inner peace established, the result many find euphoric as self-esteem returns. Once gained this energy will become a “virus”, those around will notice the difference and want it for themselves as well. Be forewarned, there will also be those so controlled by their egos that they will resist the change and most likely respond with resentment and/or ridicule. This may be difficult, but they need to be left behind, an individual living in denial is not rational and as a general rule, no amount of speech will change the mindset.

The following is a portion of a related article written by Michael Tsarion

The inner Zodiac

Ancient adepts knew a toxic, virtue less man cannot hope to have healthy relationships with other human beings. More importantly, they knew such a man has a dysfunctional relationship with himself. Texts and inscriptions from antiquity leave us in no doubt about how important Selfhood and Self-discovery were to ancient elders:

Self-Realization is necessary before God-Realization – Vedic Adage

Know Thyself – Inscription at Delphi

He who knows himself knows god – Clement of Alexandria

The most excellent and important among all forms of knowledge is therefore self-knowledge; for if one knows himself he can also know God – Clement of Alexandria

Jesus said: If you have gained this within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have this in you, what you do not have in you will kill you – Gospel of Thomas

I pray Thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within – Socrates

According to Bishop Epiphanius, the Krist is the spiritual self within each person – Tony Bushby (The Bible Fraud)

The Egyptians had no vicarious atonement, no imputed righteousness, no second-hand salvation. No initiate in the Osirian mysteries could possibly have rested his hope of reaching heaven on the Galilean line of glory. His was the more crucial way of Amenta…to tread with the guidance of the word, that step by step and act by act he must himself make true – Gerald Massey (Ancient Egypt: Light of the World)

The Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, had no word in their language for sin: the Israelites introduced both the word and the concept into the stream of Western civilization and by doing so diverted it – Leonard Shlain (The Alphabet Versus the Goddess)



The Inner Zodiac   (http://taroscopes.com/highwindowsarticles/innerzodiac.html)

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Moral Decline and its Effect On the Collapse of Nations … www.novelguide.com › Science

The Life Cycles of Empires: Lessons for America Today … www.ucg.org/…/life-cycles-empires-lessons-ameri..

The fourth way / George Gordjieff   www.youtube.com/watch?v=adMCI409S74

The Kybalion (full film 4:20:10) www.youtube.com/watch?v=n40p5RzRtR4 (worth the time!) Many links from previous posts were referenced as well.



Solutions / Healing   #13

Trying to stay or get healthy, mentally and physically, in an unhealthy world can feel like a monumental chore. Society’s conventional thinking is to label and discard any concepts that aren’t brought forth through advertising or propaganda. Knowing one’s thoughts and feelings differ with what the general population calls normal, witnessing others wander a path of illusion and suffering, can be frustrating and exhausting. This post will pass along suggestions and links that may help cope with this.

Learn how to learn & educate yourself with an OPEN mind. Develop the ability to discern fact from what one wants to believe; perceiving something as truth doesn’t make it so. (With that being stated, there is such thing as truth. Familiarizing one’s self with the laws of nature will supply a foundation for finding truth. A solipsist’s way of thought will hamper any progression.)   Previous posts have mentioned the hi-jacking of the education system which has affected all aspects of life. We are only taught specific, limited information and are expected to repeat it back. Common sense and critical thinking have been removed. Taking the time to learn how to learn will allow one to receive information from many sources, exploring both pro and con of a subject, with the ability to ascertain facts and come to the truth of the subject. This may help as many feel information passed along through phone calls, facebook and main stream media, qualifies as truth.

The internet as it stands now is a huge source of information, both good and bad. For hundreds of years, people have held what has been passed down from previous generations as truth, and in many instances, this is not the case. Things begin to make more sense when the realizations that; “living in the present” is generally misinterpreted – Constantine (& others) had the bible condensed & edited – Rockefeller had the United States history sanitized in 1909.

Once the journey begins, a path will naturally unfold. I find Natural law, the mystery schools, psychology, and history interesting although my journey has gone places I’d have never anticipated.

Familiarize yourself with the actual meanings of words. Today’s society is littered with obfuscated terminology & deceptive language. This may create emotionally charged stigmas and confusion unnecessarily. Researching logical fallacies will aid in deciphering conversations.

Learn how your complex mind operates.

Shut off your television or discard it all together. This is a slow drip system of negative reinforcement and propaganda. Not only are the programs and advertisements a form of mind control, since 1969 people have known the electrical waves of the signal hypnotize you 30 seconds to a minute after turning it on, shutting down the left side brain. Most video games are far worse forms of corrupting and desensitizing the mind, and can become addictive to some.

Face and deal with the shadow self and extinguish the pseudo-self. This can be a tough thing to do, but is well worth the pain. (Carl Jung wrote, “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to stop from facing their souls”) Many needlessly expel a great deal of energy every day trying to maintain a persona, literally driving them crazy. Dealing with the shadow self will result in higher levels of consciousness which in turn will deflate the ego, opening many doors for positive growth.

Be accountable and hold others accountable for their actions. Political correctness and the “new age” movement have turned “I’m sorry & that’s okay” into casual phrases without meaning. Living an honest open life is far more positive and gratifying.

Journaling daily will help identify patterns. Knowing patterns will help to avoid causal factors of issues / behaviors or at least be prepared for them.

Research meditation: Find a method that feels correct, not sounds correct. Meditation needs to be felt. Try different methods until one “fits.” Including mantras will help decalcify the chakras by the vibratory tones, opening the path for Kundalini energy to flow.

Diet can be a huge contributor to a person’s health and attitude. Today’s “food” is filled with numerous chemicals which calcify the chakras. So called “organic” food can be watered with fluoride according to government standards. Planting a garden of any size is not only going to provide nutritious food, it will provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Juicing is also highly recommended.




Thomas Sheridan: Painting yourself out of a corner: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRnlzpojRjg

Article: http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/6-things-you-must-do-today-to-stay-sane-in-an-insane-world/

Dylan Charles: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/04/22/10-strategies-keeping-sanity-insane-world/

Dangers of TV:    Krugman 1969:     http://truthstreammedia.com/tv-your-mind-controlled/




Ultimate History lesson with John Gatto: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQiW_l848t8&list=PL463AA90FD04EC7A2

Trivium Education: www.triviumeducation.com

28 videos: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ_X1SjmA5A&list=PLQC2LwLTqsMzBBXb-yyCOc5iyUifsm06P

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Michael Tsarion: Shadow self,   www.youtube.com/watch?v=OapKRADeREQ (7 min)

Logical fallacies hand list: https://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/fallacies_list.html


Psychic Vampirism   #12

Preface: The information contained in this post was acquired through the supporting links at the end of this post along with other resources. It has been compiled as a source of researchable information only, and NOT as a diagnostic tool. As with everything else, an opinion can only be formed after doing one’s due diligence regarding this subject.

It’s difficult to ascertain which came first, the proverbial vampire or the psychic vampire. The similarities are certainly obvious: One feeds off your life blood, the other feeds off your prana. (Life energy) Vampirism has been traced back to the Indus valley to 3 millennia BC. (Be it for blood or prana, nobody is sure)

This was acknowledged years ago by Paracelsus (1493-1541): The following is taken from The Secret teachings of all ages written by Manly P Hall.

[Differing widely from the elementals and also the incubus and succubus is the vampire, which is defined by Paracelsus as the astral body of a person either living or dead. The vampire seeks to prolong existence upon the physical plane by robbing the living of their vital energies and misappropriating such energies to its own ends.

In his De Ente Spirituali Paracelsus writes thus of these malignant beings: “A healthy and pure person cannot become obsessed by them, because such Larvæ can only act upon men if the later make room for them in their minds. A healthy mind is a castle that cannot be invaded without the will of its master; but if they are allowed to enter, they excite the passions of men and women, they create cravings in them, they produce bad thoughts which act injuriously upon the brain; they sharpen the animal intellect and suffocate the moral sense. Evil spirits obsess only those human beings in whom the animal nature is predominating. Minds that are illuminated by the spirit of truth cannot be possessed; only those who are habitually guided by their own lower impulses may become subjected to their influences.” (See Paracelsus, by Franz Hartmann.)]

As with every subject, there are conflicting opinions. This post will carry forward explanations of the causal factors and subsequent effects of the action which were presented.

Human beings have a life source energy running through their bodies, which emanating from the body it is known as aura. Eastern philosophies concentrate on this far more than western societies. There are several documented cases of people who have harnessed this energies mystery and survived for great periods of time without food or water. Some believe this was the esoteric “mana” referenced in the bible and also how “the Buddha boy” survived his ten month meditation in 2005-06. This energy is something we share with each other; it can be felt as both a positive and negative force. The unwilling taking of this energy from others is known as psychic vampirism. Many people know someone who has a high positive energy, generally balanced and has the ability to genuinely “light up a room.” The flip side of this is feeling physically and mentally drained after being around someone or after a group event without a known reason. People whom have felt this generally excuse it as signs of a cold, a bad night’s sleep or similar.

“Unfortunately, the long-term consequences of recurring vampire assaults on the energy system can be extremely harmful, not only for the host victim but for the psychic vampire as well. Short-circuiting the internal energy system sabotages the psychic vampire’s personal development, thus arresting healthy development and making repeated vampire interactions necessary. The host victim’s energy system, on the other hand, becomes stressed by the depletion of energy and overworked in order to generate new energy. Given recurrent attacks, the victim’s energy supply can become chronically depleted and the internal energy system itself can become severely damaged.” (Joe Slate Ph.D.)

The psychic vampire is well aware of what they are doing. An ironic twist: many times they are the first to address by suggestion the negative effects, or the one to enter a room feigning high energy. They are well aware of the physical effects they have on people and suffer from either primary or secondary psychopathy (see post 11 for more info) thus, is quite proficient at using deflection and projection (aka transference) to avoid detection.

According to Joe Slate, there are three primary types. The first method is one to one where the psychic vampire taps into and extracts from a single host. The second type is where they tap into and extract from a group. This is generally a group of “friends” with few things in common except they are all vulnerable. Sadly, support groups are a favorite target and easily manipulated. They will usually have several “groups” which they rotate through and will never mix. This makes it far easier to keep their separate personas and the victims “from comparing notes.” The third method mentioned is known as parasitic. This begins within the person via phobias, insecurities, inferiority complexes, etc., and leads to the development of vampiristic needs. The person becomes consumed with these nagging negative feelings thus depleting their own energy. Left unaddressed, the person finds that they will feel better only when being around others. Consciously or not, they are surviving off the energy of others. That being said, psychic vampires are people who rarely spend time alone, they literally can’t live with themselves.

Michael Tsarion classifies three types as well: Neurotic, Narcissistic, and Sociopathic or Psychopathic. His highly detailed presentation, psychic vampirism is very much recommended and well worth the time.

Physic vampires see the world differently than normal people. People assume that when they love, care, and empathize with another in a relationship it will be reciprocal. This is not the case with a vampiristic person. They will purposely inflate your ego, just enough to hook you. They are prone to envy, not jealousy. Should they see someone happy that they don’t feel should be, they will do anything in their power to destroy that. These beings run off the base chakra’s and drain from other’s higher chakra system. It should also be noted that not only do they remove their victim’s energy but also replace it with their negative energy. You essentially become their dumpster which does damage to the victim as well.

As with everything else, building your knowledge base is most important. Discern for yourself what you feel to be true and take the appropriate actions to protect yourself.



Michael Tsarion:   psychic vampirism www.youtube.com/watch?v=st3iBRHPzGI

Michael Tsarion, Psychic vampirism interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMP2jSjORiM


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Life force energy explained: http://www.expressionsofspirit.com/yoga/chakras.htm

Buddha boy documentary: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtpzmsqxN2g


The following are the links from post 11 and are also relevant:

Psychopathy links:

Mark Passio www.whatoneathishappening.com     podcast # 133




Vinny Eastwood :

Psychopath roundtable discussion: www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1878aerllI

Interview with Thomas Sheridan, Protecting yourself from a psychopath: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PIz1Mm6ur8

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John Lash & Chris Sheridan; Handling psychopaths – Human predators

Part 1   www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-LIwwmMeoU

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Thomas Sheridan:

Labyrinth of the psychopath: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tro2U-cezqo&list=PLBAF0AFC457D5493E

Support group & information   www.psychopathfree.com

His book “Puzzling People: The labyrinth of the psychopath” http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_9?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=puzzling+people&sprefix=Puzzling+%2Caps%2C282


Michael Cross: http://michaelcross.net/


Occupations of a psychopath: www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=occupations%20of%20psychopaths